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Blacksmith Fork Skatepark - Hyrum, UT

Designed & Built by Hunger Skateparks

This free, non-commercial resource supports advocates and planners with information on public skateparks, ideal for those involved in or considering starting a skatepark.

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The Skatepark Project offers free resources, guidance, support and grant funding to help the average person and public agencies create more skate space their area.


Skateparks have evolved, serving diverse ages and abilities, highlighting benefits like free play, community, health, economic boosts, and Olympic interest. Learn more in article.

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PDF Download: Emphasis on hiring experienced builders and rallying community input. Ensures attractive, functional parks and long-term community. stewardship. 

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Skatepark's Respect's mission is to create awareness and community involvement in keeping skateparks clean and maintained worldwide.

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Most kids quit sports by age 11 due to lack of fun and high costs. The Aspen Institute survey highlights challenges in youth programming and aims to keep kids engaged in sports.

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