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About Us

Lehi Skatepark - Lehi, UT

Designed & Built by Spohn Ranch

Our Mission

The Utah Skatepark Advocacy Group exists to support Utah communities in expanding access to quality and safe skateparks.

Our Values


Raising awareness of the benefits that skateparks provide for riders of all ages, abilities and their communities in an effort to break down negative stereotypes.


Developing civility and respect between riders and their local municipalities through education, civil engagement, and collaboration with community leaders in their skatepark advocacy efforts.


Aiding communities in the education and planning process for long term growth by utilizing the Skatepark Adoption Model to strategically place skateparks on publicly accessible land.


Working with community leaders through the planning, building, expanding and upgrading of professionally designed skatepark facilities through grassroots fundraising, donations, grants, and land improvement arrangements.


Planning and execution of the ‘Adopt-a-Skatepark’ programming, the training of ambassadors and the scheduling of regular clean-up events in order to create a respectful culture and legacy for the skatepark community.

Our Vision

Expanding skatepark access with an end goal that every rider in Utah

has a quality and safe place to ride.

Meet The Board

8092F42B-5282-42DD-9601-E00D87E00F5B 2_edited.jpg

Sean Peterson

President & Founder


Jared Strain

Board Member

geoff 2_edited.jpg

Geoff Geertsen

Board Member


Jack Parker

Board Member & Secretary

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