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Design & Builders List

Selecting the right skatepark design company is crucial for ensuring the success of your city's skatepark project. Professional, experienced skatepark designers are essential to create high-quality, durable, and safe facilities that exceeds your riding communities expectations. In order to ensure that your skatepark exceeds the demands that our Utah skatepark community demands, we recommend that you select a vendor that specializes in concrete design and/or building. All of the skatepark design and build companies listed below are considered qualified experts in the industry.

The design-bid-build (DBB) process, where the city hires a designer to create detailed plans and then invites qualified builders to bid on the project, is a common and standardized approach. This method helps ensure the selection of capable vendors while minimizing the risk of unqualified builders. Involving the local skating community in the design phase ensures the park caters to various skill levels and preferences. Although the DBB process may sometimes lead to less ambitious designs and the potential for strategic underbidding, it provides a transparent and competitive framework. Researching companies' experience, quality of work, and community reputation is vital, as their expertise and relationships within the industry can significantly impact the project's success. By adhering to these principles, cities can secure a reputable company that will deliver a sustainable and community-focused skatepark.

*The list provided here is NOT an endorsement or guarantee of any kind from The Utah Skatepark Advocacy Group or it's affiliates. The Utah Skatepark Advocacy Group assumes no liability for the use of this list or its vendors. The list of vendors is presented in alphabetical order.

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